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Thinking about a facial? Read our review of the Elemis Biotec Facial

At this time of year our complexion can take a bit of a knocking from wintry winds and drying central heating. Now is the time to consider having a facial, to thoroughly cleanse and moisturise your skin. Here, Marketing Manager Caroline reviews an Elemis Biotec Facial at our spa.

Outside the spa at Woolley Grange luxury family hotel and spa in Bradford on Avon

'OK, so I admit it, I’m not one for regular facials or expensive face creams.  So it was rather apologetically that I approached Rachael in the spa, slightly embarrassed by my lack of regular skincare. But as is Woolley’s way, she soon put me at my ease. I was not alone, it turns out, in neglecting my visage.

Rachael asked me about my skin and took a close look at it, blocked pores and all. We decided that an Elemis Biotec Skin Resurfacer Facial was the way to go, to help clear those pores and leave my skin nicely moisturised. And yes, she did have to remind me of this sci-fi sounding name before writing this article!

So, after filling out a short medical questionnaire, it was down to the business of serious relaxation. The spa treatment room was subtly lit, a candle flickering and soft music playing. I was left for a few minutes to change down to my undies and then lie down under a blanket on the treatment bed. What Rachael didn’t tell me was that the bed was heated. I was almost asleep by the time she returned. We agreed that perhaps we’d switch it off for the rest of the treatment or else I wouldn’t be able to recount much of my experience.

Rachael explained the stages to me as we went along. First a double cleanse with Pro-collagen Cleansing Balm and then a tone with Soothing Apricot toner. All good so far. She then showed me a metal implement attached to the Biotec machine that delivers supersonic pulses through the skin cells, removing deep down grease and dirt. I was apprehensive at first, especially as it makes a mouse like high pitched squeak, but it proved harmless…didn’t hurt at all!

The fun part - steam was applied to the skin to help open my pores so the skin can be deeply extracted and cleared of black heads.

Next – a tone followed by Activate No.3, which works with the skin to boost productivity, enabling the skin to rejuvenate its own cells better.  

This was followed by a peel off Dynamic Resurfacing Mask, which made my skin tingle, but not unpleasantly. Whilst this jelly like mask was setting, Rachael put soothing eye patches on my eyes and offered me a scalp massage. Now that I am a sucker for…it was lovely and all in the price!

As the jelly mask was peeled off, I felt like I must look at least 20 years younger. My skin felt softer and so nicely moisturised. But wait, we weren’t nearly done yet.

Toner and Activate No.3 were applied again (Woolley must get through a lot of Elemis products) and then a second mask applied…an enzyme gel mask to brighten the skin, followed by light therapy with the BIOTEC machine again (no mouse this time). The different blue and red lights applied to the cells apparently help clear the pores and destroy unwanted bacteria, whilst slowing down the ageing process.

She applied an eye serum, toned and moisturised my skin with Dynamic Resurfacing Day Cream SPF30, which is effective in protecting skin from pollution and UV while helping to maintain a soft clear complexion. 

Then we were done and she left me to rest whilst she went to fetch me a glass of ice cold water.

Application treatment at Woolley Grange luxury family hotel and spa in Bradford on Avon

At the end of my one hour treatment, I can truly say that I felt pampered! Not only had I had a wonderful facial, but also a head massage and a hand and arm moisturise and massage. 

But the proof of the pudding? Well, the mirror did reveal a more even toned, smoother, moisturised skin. Still some blocked pores but certainly better than before (and Elemis do recommend a series of treatments to totally banish blocked pores… mine have been neglected for a while). More than anything though was that my skin felt (and still feels) better, softer and plumper and I felt so relaxed after an hour of complete pampering. This is not just any facial. Recommended!

P.S. I would like to point out that, alas, the pictures are not of me. I am far better behind the camera!' Caroline

Woolley Grange offers a wide range of facials, from anti-ageing to skin cleansing and brightening, according to your requirements. We even have special treatments for pregnant mums. These are all detailed in our brochure below. Alternatively, we have a wide range of Spa Days that you can book online. A wonderful Christmas gift idea for the people you love. 

Please call the Spa on 01225 864705 to book your treatment. 

BREAKING NEWS: The spa is holding an Open Day on 3rd December. Have a tour of the spa, browse the lovely Elemis Christmas gift packs, enjoy refreshments and get lots of special discounts on the day! Tickets to be released shortly.

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